Lemon Law and Odometer Tampering

Lemon Law and Odometer Tampering

New cars are getting more expensive every day. With more and more New Jersey families wanting to cut monthly bills and expenses, it is no surprise that a growing number of households are seeking to purchase used cars. You can often get a better value on a used car; however, there is always the risk that the car is not in perfect shape. Dealerships often try to misrepresent the true condition of a used car to complete a sale and, fortunately, NJ law protects consumers who purchase certain defective used vehicles.

Odometer Tampering is Against the Law

One common way that a consumer tries to gauge the condition of a used car is by the number of miles on the vehicle, indicated by the odometer. The lower the miles, the better the vehicle condition is assumed to be (though this is not always a clear indicator). People are hesitant to purchase a vehicle with higher miles because they believe that things may begin going wrong with the vehicle sooner. For this reason, some dealerships have been known to alter the odometer to read a significantly lower amount of miles than are actually on the vehicle.

While tampering with an odometer to “roll back” miles may induce a consumer to purchase a car, it can also result in serious penalties as it is strictly against the law. The Federal Odometer Act prohibits fraudulently and intentionally altering an odometer to misrepresent the number of miles. If you believe that your odometer may have been reset or reduced, you should discuss your rights under the Odometer Act and under New Jersey Lemon Law with an experienced lemon law attorney immediately. There are ways to identify odometer tampering and to obtain financial relief for the fraudulent actions of a used cars dealership. There are deadlines for legal action, however, so you should never delay in discussing your legal rights with an attorney.

Call to Consult with a NJ Lemon Law Lawyer as Soon as Possible

If you have purchased a car and believe the dealer tampered with the odometer, you should contact a skilled Lemon Law attorney who is familiar with cases involving odometer tampering. At the Law Office of David W. Polsky, we have helped many consumers who have been victims of unscrupulous dealers recover for their losses. If you believe you may have a case, please contact our office at 973 686-9787 to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation today.