Accurate Invoices Key to Lemon Law

Accurate Invoices Key to Lemon Law

If you believe you’ve been sold a lemon, you may face a difficult time proving a breach of warranty claim in court if you haven’t done your due diligence in saving and properly organizing your warranty repair invoices. These are powerful documents that you can use to prove your case, and without them, the opposition has the power to poke holes all over your argument in a he-said she-said back and forth conundrum. Here’s what you need to know about saving these invoices and making them work for you.

Must Include in the Invoice: Make sure that each invoice you collect for work on your vehicle includes the problem addressed, attempted fix, the dates in which it was out of your possession for service, the mileage in and out.

Steps to Take: You should be sure to go over the repair invoice with the service adviser, and you should review it ahead of time before the repairs commence to make sure that your compliant listed is exactly what you mean it to be, so that the mechanic knows exactly what to look for in addressing your issue.

When you meet with the adviser following the repair, go over the invoice again so you’re completely informed about what went on during the repair process. If you see something about the car which does not match up to what’s listed on the invoice, be sure to address this and have the invoice officially updated for accuracy.

When in doubt, be sure to note everything on the invoice. If your adviser says that there is no fix available for the issue with your car, that should be included, especially when they can verify the problem you’ve complained about. Even if there’s no way to fix it, you have still legally attempted to do so and that is also important to record for your future case.

Common Mistakes: Often times your advisor would like to send you an invoice by mail, or keep the job ticket open and pending. If mailed to you, you won’t be able to sit down and discuss any inconsistencies immediately by those who know exactly what repairs were taken, and instead be given a customer-service runaround. Be sure as well to hold on to any invoices you receive, and file them together in one safe place. Having these documents can make all the difference between winning a lemon law or breach of warranty claim, and there’s nothing worse than knowing you had the documents but have instead lost them in the clutter of your study or even threw them away.

Specific Vehicles: While saving your warranty repair invoices is essential for all cars, it can be particularly helpful for Jeep and Ford Vehicles, including the Ford Focus, Ford Fiesta, Jeep Cherokee, and Jeep Grand Cherokee for cases of faulty transmissions. These vehicles have all had transmission issues in the past which are well documented, and holding on to your receipts for these particular models will be doubly important.

If you have been attempting to fix a car with no end in sight, and want to sue for a breach of warranty claim, you’ll need expert legal representation on your side. For a free consultation about this and the many other services I provide, give me, David W. Polsky, a call today at 973-686-9787.